Teddy Bear Ballet

Does your daughter love to twirl and spin? Has your living room become a stage?
Then let the magic of dance begin in her life!

Join us for a fun event that introduces your child into the studio with the comfort of her favorite stuffed animal by her side.

  • When: July 24, 2021:
    • Age 3 from 10:00-10:45 AM
    • Ages 4-6 from 11:00-11:45 AM
  • Who: Any perspective student that would like to try a class in a fun and magical environment…and their teddy bear!
  • What to wear: any dance clothes and dance shoes are welcome. Also welcome are comfy clothes and barefoot. If you decide to register, you will need to comply with dresscode. So just come in what you already have.
  • How much: the teddy bear ballet class is a free class
  • How to register: Sign up here

Teddy Bear Ballet is a free class for children ages 3-7. Dancers bring their bear and dance along side other friends to fun music and playful activities.

There is no pressure to register, but if your child loves class and wants to continue, she will receive her very own SHIMMER TUTU DRESS for her dance classes!

We love our little dancers. Dance is such an important part of a little girl’s development and we are here to make her experience absolutely enchanting.

If your dancer decides to continue classes with us, she will go into the “Shimmer Academy.” Check our full details on that program here:

We hope you will join us for teddy bear ballet. We would love to have your family become part of our dance family! So please come and try us out at teddy bear ballet.

Register for Teddy Bear Ballet here: