Safety Precautions

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our families. Check out some of the things we are doing to put your health and safety first!

  • Professional Deep Clean/Sanitation/Disinfection of entire facility before re-opening. Read about this big step below.
  • Professional Deep Cleaning SIX nights a week
  • Reduced class sizes to 8 students per class
  • Closures of the lobby (we will continue to broadcast over zoom so you can watch your child dance)
  • Enforcement of Social Distancing
  • Requirement of all students/staff to participate in hand washing upon entering the building
  • Requirement of touch point wipe downs in between classes
  • Sick students and instructors should not come to class

We are proud to be investing in a PROFESSIONAL DEEP CLEAN that uses a disinfectant that is EPA approved at killing coronavirus.

Watch a video about the deep clean here:

Check out the info here: