Inspire Academy (Ages 15+)

“Be the light in the darkness to inspire and to enlighten others.”

$399 per month

  • application required
  • advanced dance training
  • schedule flexibility
  • student teaching opportunities
  • choreography creation
  • leadership principles
  • solo performance opportunities

The Inspire Academy is the ultimate goal. By this point dancers are balancing their deep love of dance with their preparation into the adult world. This program provides a continuation of their passion, opportunities to teach, and a flexible schedule that works with the demands on their current life situations.

In this program you will have the opportunity to take any classes within the Shine Program but you do not have to take them all. You pick your schedule.

You will have the opportunity to work on advanced skills in leadership. You will become a honorary members of the Centre Stage Dream Team . Some Inspire Dancers may be given teaching and choreographing opportunities (under the guidance of our skilled teachers) with the hopes of one day teaching classes of your own.

As part of your progression, you will be invited to participate in the SOLO PIECE PROJECT where you will produce your own solo piece for performance. We will expect that this piece will meet Centre Stage standards and we will provide you with guidance on how to achieve that. This project will be very fulfilling and will bestow upon you a skillset of goal setting and achieving that will prove invaluable in your years to come.

Inspire Academy students are the role models for the studio. It is our goal to have each dancer graduate from the Shine Academy into this last program.