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 Why Dance at Centre Stage?

You want the best for your child in everything she does. You want an experience that is enriching and professional.

You want your child at Centre Stage.

Centre Stage Dance Studio is Tucson and Oro Valley’s premier location for dance education. Our mission is to create bright futures through excellence in dance education. This means your child will receive certified technical training along with being instilled with the confidence necessary to truly light up the stage. This confidence will in turn empower her with the necessary life skills to not only succeed in dance, but in the real world also. She will become a shining light for a brighter tomorrow.

An Elite Dance Experience: Your dancer will receive professional dance training at Centre Stage. We hire the finest teachers and hold our students to a very high standard. What we offer:

  • elite dance training in ballet, pointe, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, tap, and acro.
  • focus on technique and artistry.
  • highly developed program where dancers are placed with their age and skill level to progress through our “Star Academies.” The Star Academies are our proven systems to train world class dancers.
  • life skill training to help our dancers become the leaders in the next generation.

Our students come from all over town to train with us. We are worth the drive. Your dancer may be a fit for our academies if he/she is:

  • highly motivated- our dancers care about their dance education.
  • high achiever- many of our students are attending private/charter schools with intense curricula. Our programs fit nicely with the goals and schedules of these schools.
  • creative/artistic- students thrive with this creative outlet
  • beginning to advanced- we take dancers from all levels, but we expect them to do their best and progress within our program
  • ages 3-18.

Professional Dance Opportunities: Through consistent and continual study within our academies, your dancer will be prepared to

  • make her high school dance team
  • apply for dance programs and dance scholarships at prestigious colleges
  • attend summer studies with conventions
  • audition for professional touring companies
  • teach dance and share her passion

“The closer we get to being who we are meant to be…the brighter we shine”

A Brighter Future: Our dancers go on to do amazing things both in the dance industry and within the communities. Centre Stage Dance Studio graduates have gone on to become:

  • professional dancers
  • dance professors at universities
  • dance teachers
  • CEO’s
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • homemakers
  • politicians
  • activists
  • authors
  • florists
  • life coaches
  • engineers

The Greatest Value: We are pleased to offer your family the ability to participate in world class experience and dance education for the best value around. Parents love and appreciate our payment system: All-Inclusive Offerings. All of the necessary fees are rolled into one easy monthly payment.

Simple and Easy All-inclusive Monthly Investment includes*:

  • Registration Fee
  • Recital Fee
  • Monthly tuition
  • Gorgeous Recital Costumes
  • Recital T-shirt Keepsakes
  • *Early registration bonus of class leotard when registered by the start of the term.

Our Promise: We will love and care for your child. Although our program is strict and elite, we are always compassionate and understanding. We lift students up. We never tear them down. Healthy habits and healthy body image are always supported. We put the dancer first- always. Our motto is, “Never let a problem to be solved to be more important than a dancer to be loved.” Your dancer will find a safe, happy, and enriching home within our studio walls.

Dancers develop in a safe, happy, and positive atmosphere.

Why our program:

Through 23 years of teaching dance in Oro Valley, we have created a program that nourishes the dancer with the technique and inspiration she needs to grow in confidence and technical skill while still balancing a healthy family life.

Our dancers progress from the Shimmer Academy to the Sparkle Academy, then to the Shine Academy, and on to the Inspire Academy. Dancers progress at Centre Stage until completion of their academy and then are promoted into the next academy.

Shimmer Academy

Ages 3-7

Sparkle Academy

Ages 7-11

Shine Academy

Ages 11-18

Inspire Academy

Ages 15+

Shimmer Academy

*Dancers age 3-7

*4 year program

*Focus on ballet, tap, and tumble

Sparkle Academy

*Dancers age 7-11

*4 year program

*Core classes comprised of ballet, jazz, contemporary

*Elective classes of hip hop, tap, acro

Shine Acadmey

*Dancers age 11-teen

*4 year program

*Core classes comprised of ballet, jazz, contemporary

*Elective classes of hip hop, tap, acro

Inspire Academy

*Dancers age 15-17

*2 year program

*Audition and application required

*Focus on leadership and teaching skills

An improved system, a better experience, a greater result: Because we know what it takes to make beautiful dancers, we have developed a system to ensure that dancers will excel and meet their maximum potential. Dancers are placed into an Academy where their path is clearly outlined and their progress is carefully monitored. Within these academies, children are grouped by age and skill level. They take classes according to a structured curriculum. They grow together in skill, friendship, and excellence.

Apply for placement in one of the Star Academies

Spaces are limited!

Our values:






We teach these values through structured curriculum that weaves these lessons into our weekly classes.

Raising children is an important job. The future literally depends on us! We are here to partner with you to help your child become her very best and truly make a difference in this world and be a guiding light as she owns her place as a star!

What People Are Saying about Centre Stage Dance Studio

“My daughter has been dancing at Centre Stage since she was 2.5 years old. She has been in their combo class, which is tap and ballet. They make it fun for the girls while they are still learning moves and appropriate terminology. I honestly recommend them to anyone who will listen.”- Miranda P.

“I chose Centre Stage for my daughter because she is so passionate about dance and wants to pursue it professionally. The programs teach great technique and the dancers are provided with wonderful opportunities to grow and learn for the leaders in the dance community. My daughter is part of the competition team and loves to go and perform on the stage. She loves being part of a team and I appreciate all the important life lessons she is learning.”- Katie S.

“My girls love this studio. We are always greeted with warm smiles. My two girls do acro and combo. They have really learned to love their bodies and the way they move. They have met great friends and have so much fun!”- Courtney P.

“My little girl loves coming here. She learns a lot while having a good time. The teachers are so fun, talented, and creative. Best dance studio ever!”- Victoria A.

“My daughter has been wanting to do dance since she saw her cousins recital with Centre Stage, which was fantastic. As soon as she was old enough, we put her in the combo class and she loves it! Michelle is the best and all the teachers are so sweet and great with the kids. My daughter LOVED the free teddy bear ballet that they host.”- Maci P.

“I take the adult classes at Centre Stage. I am so glad to have found a place that is perfect for me. Everyone is so welcoming and the instructors and so patient and excellent at explaining things with proper terminology but in a fun way. And it is a great way to stay fit and make new friends”- Sarah S.